You will find this service of benefit if either of the below reasons apply to you:
  1. You are looking to sell your home and you want to achieve maximum viewings followed by a quick sale
  2. Your home is currently up for sale and has been for some time but it has not yet sold
When we sell our homes, we want to ensure that they sell as fast as possible.  In the current economic climate and the potential negative impact of the Brexit decision on UK property prices, we feel that is essential that each property is given the best chance of selling quickly.  Now more than ever it is essential that each home is fully prepared for sale, with a view to achieving maximum viewings and a quick sale.
We have been working with and developing property for a number of years so we understand what a property needs in order to sell quickly and efficiently.  Sadly, selling a home is not always just as simple as just taking photos and putting up a for sale board.    

Selling a house 'as is' is like trying to sell a car without cleaning it, not having a current and valid MOT, not pumping up the tyres, not servicing it nor repairing any damaged items or scratched paint work first etc.  You wouldn’t normally expect to receive many calls for prospective buyers wanting to see the car or achieve a high sale price without first taking all these actions. Selling your home is just the same and is even more important given that it may be the highest value sale you ever make in your life.  This is why it is essential that certain factors are considered in a specific way in order to entice potential buyers. 
There are several factors that will contribute to helping a property sell quickly:
  • What is on offer: Number of rooms, size of rooms, parking facilities, location, local amenities etc
  • Functionality: Can potential buyers see the property as one that would work with their lifestyle?
  • Sale-ability / desirability: How likely is the property to attract potential buyers to book a viewing?
  • Work required: How much work to the property will need to be completed by the potential new homeowners?
All the above factors if not addressed prior to sale could significantly impact the likelihood of achieving viewings and have a negative impact on the potential sale price.

The service we offer helps people who are currently selling their home, or looking to put their home up for sale achieve more viewings, with a view to more offers and a subsequently a quicker sale.  We do this by providing suggestions, recommendations and techniques on how some small changes to the home could link directly to the mindset of what potential buyers are looking for. 
Please get in touch to find out how we can help you sell your home quickly and efficiently.


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